Small frog, big footprint!

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Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park


Welcoming over one million visitors annually, Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park is the most visited park of the Sépaq, Quebec’s park and wildlife reserve agency. Surrounded by six towns and located near Montreal, the Park is an undeniable attraction for outdoors and nature enthusiasts. Despite strong urban pressures, this “island of biodiversity” is a well-protected territory in Montérégie.

Situated on one of the Monteregian hills, the park also includes five lakes, several wetlands, and a rich forest environment, thus offering all the advantages to support the prosperity of animal and plant species.

The Park participates in a scientific research project conducted by the University of Ottawa and the Biodôme involving a captive breeding program for the chorus frog that intends to reintroduce the species into the wild. Since 2016, Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park and the Quebec Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks have recreated five small ponds in a habitat that enables this tiny amphibian’s life cycle. The Park will eventually welcome these chorus frogs in hopes of increasing the population and the number of sites favourable to their survival. Université Laval will study their reintroduction in collaboration with the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks. This two-part project stems from the actions determined in the Quebec Chorus Frog Recovery Program, which can be found at the following link:

Discover the Park’s many attractions through tens of kilometres of trails. Soon, you might even hear the chorus frog’s song in spring.