Small frog, big footprint!

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Centre Plein Air


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Located in the forest area of Brossard, Centre Plein Air Brossard features wooded areas as well as terrestrial and wetland herbaceous and shrub areas. If you think these natural environments are unexceptional, think again: rich in biodiversity, their rarity among this heavily urbanized and agricultural area has rendered them invaluable to the preservation of natural communities. One can observe several species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Moose have even been spotted here on occasion. Vulnerable species such as the Canada lily, the ostrich fern and the barn swallow can also be seen here.

Aside from these key environmental aspects, the presence of the chorus frog in Brossard deserves your attention: knowing that historically the population of chorus frogs living on the territory of Brossard was fragmented by Autoroute 10, an impassable barrier for the small frog, the protection of the metapopulation and the ecosystems is particularly important.

The Brossard wooded area is part of the Greater Montreal greenbelt and Mont-Saint-Bruno forest corridor. It is also connected to the ecological corridor of the Saint-Jacques River, which passes under Autoroute 132 and flows into the St. Lawrence River. Its protection positively contributes to wildlife habitats and ecological connectivity in Montérégie. It’s a site to be discovered!