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Boisé Du Tremblay Wildlife Reserve


Boisé Du Tremblay was farmland decades ago that now offers a mosaic of natural environments and is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species. This wooded area plays a major role in the preservation of biodiversity in Montérégie, as it is one of the largest natural environments in this widely urbanized and heavily agricultural region. One third of the 492-hectare wooded area is located on Boucherville territory, some hundred hectares which are protected in perpetuity by the municipality and local conservation organization Nature-Action Québec.

Many types of forests grow in the Boisé Du Tremblay, from young poplar plantations to old oak, maple and hickory forests, which are typical species in the region. It also features all the types of aquatic environments—marshes with small temporary ponds, wooded swamps, and streams—necessary for ecological connectivity. The Ruisseau Massé begins here and weaves through the peri-urban region to the Richelieu River, thus contributing to wildlife movement. From wet meadows to wastelands (former agricultural land where nature is gradually taking over), open areas are part of the Boisé Du Tremblay landscape. And this is where many rare species of our natural heritage, and one of the largest populations of chorus frogs in Quebec, have made their home.

Explore Boisé Du Tremblay on foot via trails made of stone dust and boardwalks.

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