Small frog, big footprint!

Discovery Trails

Chorus Frogs

Chorus frogs are small and discreet, but you can visit them in their habitats to learn more about them.

Mont-Saint-Bruno National Park

Boisé Du Tremblay Wildlife Reserve

Futaie Park

Boisé Du Tremblay

Centre Plein Air

Beauharnois-Salaberry Regional Park

Centre Frank-Vocino

Leamy Lake Park

Interpretation panel

Occurrence zones of the Western Chorus Frog

The chorus frog discovery trails showcase exceptional natural sites, some of which are protected due to the presence of the chorus frog.

The species’ rarity brings incomparable value to the spaces they inhabit. These environments with high biodiversity provide ecological services to us every day. You may be crossing these habitats without even knowing it. We therefore invite you to discover and learn more about them and their fragile situation.

Six interpretive panels have been set up along public trails located in chorus frog habitats to help demystify these miniature frogs, and promote their positive influence on the preservation of these environments.

Support the protection of chorus frogs and plan your next outings in the different parts of Montérégie where they have made their home.